Transforming lives through online therapy. eTherapyPro – an online psychotherapy service with the best experts.

ui/ux design
Client Request
eTherapyPro – is an online psychotherapy service. The main request of the client was to redesign the existing website and create a branding metaphor that would distinguish the service from competitors.
Another important request was to increase the conversion rate of the site and attract as many users as possible. The client was completely satisfied.
Our approach
We created a completely new website in style, keeping the main color - green, the ux part was also almost completely redone, we made the site so that each block contained a direct or indirect call to action - to try the online therapy service.


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ui/ux design
Web & Mobile
Client Request
The Optery team intended to launch the most comprehensive solution for removing personal imformation on the US market, and asked us to cover the entire cycle of creating the B2C and B2B product.
Our approach
Having thoroughly studied the concept, client's industry and the versatile target audience, we identified all the features that should be covered, set priorities, and gradually worked together with the client on the development of the best opt out product.


Transforming lives through convenient

online therapy.


The challenge entails devising a metaphor that can be consistently woven throughout the website, infusing it with a sense of uniqueness and character. This metaphor should serve as a captivating and memorable symbol, representing the essence of the brand or service, and establishing a distinctive identity that resonates with visitors, leaving a lasting impression.

Main page

A mini challenge to make an interesting survey for onboarding new users.

Here we used the metaphor of a journey and a path that we had invented, and we applied it from above, as a path that moved along with the user, step by step, and with mountains in the background.

See the platform redesign for eTherapy

View the case study


Create a large number of illustrations in the same style that will convey the metaphor throughout the site.

These illustrations should capture the essence of the metaphor, visually communicating the brand's message, while maintaining consistency and cohesiveness across all pages.


20+ unique illustrations


Create a user-friendly feedback form so that, if necessary, the user can address any issue of concern to the service staff.

Increase conversion to a paid subscription, clearly communicate the benefits that the user will receive with it.

Create a convenient form of payment, which should contain all the important elements in order to make a purchase.

Empower accessibility – crafting a seamless website experience, anywhere, anytime, with utmost convenience.

Adaptive design

I reached out to Yasno agency for our online psychotherapy service website redesign, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Their team understood our needs and created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that exceeded our expectations.

Yasno agency paid great attention to detail, incorporating intuitive navigation and captivating visual elements. Their collaboration and communication were excellent, resulting in a website that resonates with our audience. Thank you for transforming our online psychotherapy service.


Design visually captivating article pages that provide convenient and interesting reading experiences, encouraging users to engage with the content and fostering a desire for further exploration.


To boost visual appeal, we incorporated branded illustrations throughout the article, creating an immersive reading experience. We also added links to related articles and a read percentage indicator to track progress.

We designed a feedback form at the end of the article to gather insights from users. This form allows readers to provide feedback on the article's usefulness and express their preferences, enabling us to continually improve our content and better cater to their needs.



Screens delivered


Conversion rate raise

30 +

Interactive prototypes created

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