Unveiling mAI-Shirt: the future of personalized t-shirt design

ui/ux design
artificial intelligence
Client Request
The client's request to create a new unique page that will encourage users to buy a T-shirt. The style should be playful and unusual to make it clear that the website is about artificial intelligence. Since the product had no branding, the client chose only the main color - purple.
Our approach
We chose a futuristic style for this site, picked a font that would be recognizable and would define the product branding, used interesting interactive transitions between sections throughout the site, and added a gradient to the main color chosen by the client.
All these elements made the design unique and memorable, and encouraged to make a purchase. The client was satisfied.


Data Privacy App which removes your private info from Google, and 225+ Sites

ui/ux design
Web & Mobile
Client Request
The Optery team intended to launch the most comprehensive solution for removing personal imformation on the US market, and asked us to cover the entire cycle of creating the B2C and B2B product.
Our approach
Having thoroughly studied the concept, client's industry and the versatile target audience, we identified all the features that should be covered, set priorities, and gradually worked together with the client on the development of the best opt out product.


main screen

Our design agency focused on animation and interactions in this design.We showed what variants of the drawing can be generated by artificial intelligence on T-shirts on the main screen.

design process

The design process in our agency goes in stages. Based on the client's wishes, we first create a structure, which elements the client wants to see on their website, we adjust this structure based on our knowledge of the target audience of the product and the user experience, so we create a wireframe. We also created a moodboard with different styles of possible visuals, with visual elements that will be present in each style. After the chosen style, we move on to design.

ux challenge
Print constructor

It was important to show that it is very easy to create an individual design created by artificial intelligence, so we created a simple form without unnecessary details to get the dream shirt

ui challenge
How it works section

The most important thing was to show the user that it was easy to get a T-shirt with a customized image generated by artificial intelligence. We showed the steps of how to get a T-shirt that the user will like by animating the process from choosing the style of the picture to choosing the color.

client feedback

The Yasno agency has blown me away. They captured my taste flawlessly, infusing our beloved purple and crafting visuals beyond my dreams. The site's usability is top-notch, with navigation that feels like second nature. It's an experience tailored perfectly to users. I highly recommend Yasno agency.

and... the results


unique screens


hours of creativity


increase in mobile conversions


client satisfaction


hours of animation work

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