Breaking barriers – Anni Care’s vision of inclusivity and convenience

ui/ux design
Client Request
The client's main request was to create a redesign of the existing site that empowers users with physical disabilities by providing them with a seamless, intuitive, and great platform to easily find adaptive products, while maintaining the product branding and inclusivity of the site.
Our approach
Our agency's approach to the redesign was based on inclusivity, so we made the site accessible to everyone, including color contrasts and layout models. The target audience of our website is mostly elderly people or people with various physical disabilities.
By prioritizing the needs of our users, we have successfully created a user-friendly platform that allows people with disabilities to explore the world of adaptive products. The modernized design combined with the brand identity created an attractive digital space where everyone can feel the freedom of independent living.


Data Privacy App which removes your private info from Google, and 225+ Sites

ui/ux design
Web & Mobile
Client Request
The Optery team intended to launch the most comprehensive solution for removing personal imformation on the US market, and asked us to cover the entire cycle of creating the B2C and B2B product.
Our approach
Having thoroughly studied the concept, client's industry and the versatile target audience, we identified all the features that should be covered, set priorities, and gradually worked together with the client on the development of the best opt out product.
Product page

The challenge of redesigning the Anni Care product page presented our design agency with a unique set of obstacles to overcome:

Unclear home screen and purpose, this lack of clarity at the outset created a significant barrier to user engagement. A lack of hierarchy in the structure led to a disorganized and cluttered layout. Outdated aesthetics and visuals failed to capture and engage users.

intuitive main screen

The main screen clearly and precisely presents all information about the product, as well as quick access to the order.

clear structure

Important sections, such as "Steps to get the product" and "Our specialist who is always in touch" were thoughtfully organized for easy access. This new structure allows users to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

modern design

To overcome the outdated look and feel, we chose a minimalistic design language while staying true to the Anni Care brand identity. An updated color palette, visually appealing images, and a clean layout encourage users to explore further.

City product page

An important part of the client's request was to create a city page for a specific product, where the user can easily find the product nearby, and the stores where the product can be found, with their opening hours and schedules.

What are the results?

Through a thorough redesign, we achieved a transformation of the website, allowing users with physical disabilities to find adaptive products without much difficulty. The updated design showcases a clear user interface, increasing accessibility and contributing to an inclusive digital environment.

We have filled the site with the most important information so that the user can easily find the product and make a choice to use our site.

Client feedback

We are very pleased with Yasno's efforts in updating our website. Their commitment to user-centered design has made a tangible difference in empowering our users. Working with the agency has been a pleasure and we look forward to continuing our journey towards a more accessible and effective platform.


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